Are Online Casinos More Popular with Younger or Older Generations?

Younger and older generations both appreciate online casinos. They make gambling accessible to anyone and offer a level of convenience that’s hard to ignore. Another attraction of online casinos is the many bonuses they offer. Young and old alike respond to offers of free spins and many different types of bonuses. There are also often a large variety of games available to play at online casinos. These factors draw both young and old to play at online casinos. 

Knowing the audience

Who is the average online gambler? This is a question many casino operators ask. It is always important for operators to know who is gambling at their online casinos in order to know how to retain them. Online casino players and sports bettors tend to fall into the 18-35 age group and also tend to be male. However, the gap in the male-to-female ratio can be as small as a single percentage point. 

Casino players of different age groups also have different gambling tastes. Older players tend to enjoy playing online slots while younger generations tend to prefer card games such as blackjack and poker. 

Sports betting draws a young demographic

The legalization of online sports betting in 2018 has led to many sportsbooks operating throughout the U.S. Sports betting is attracting a younger demographic. Young people use their mobile phones to place a wide range of different types of sports bets from money lines and spreads to parlays, props, and future bets. In a country like the U.S. with its widespread passion for sports and a love of convenience, it’s no wonder that online sports betting has become such a popular activity for both young and old. 

Familiarity with technology

In many gambling markets, older gamblers, particularly those aged 60 and older, are likely to favor land-based casinos over online ones. This is generally because they are not as familiar with technology and doing everything online as younger generations. Those who are tech-savvy are just as keen to play online as younger people. It doesn’t take long for them to become familiar with using a casino app to bet on a mobile phone. 

In more developed countries like the U.S., players tend to have higher levels of income and education. They often have an interest in technology as they live in a largely mobile-first world.   

Shifting consumer behavior

Casinos are evolving, and the online casinos of tomorrow will have to take a shift in consumer behavior into account. Audiences are becoming increasingly diverse and less male-dominated. Creating welcoming spaces that reflect the values of younger generations will be necessary in order to appeal to a younger demographic. The type of incentives operators offer will also have to appeal to more diverse audiences. Young people want different incentives than older generations. 

Using social media

Social media is the primary way in which younger generations search for information, including gaming and sports betting news. Operators need to meet young audiences where they are with content that appeals to them. One of the generational differences examples is that younger generations want information from experts they can identify with and trust. They don’t respond to the type of advertising that was successful in the past. They rely far more on word-of-mouth and reviews by peers.  

Modern payment solutions

The younger generation as a whole is more data-driven and analytical. Modern payment solutions using innovative technology attract young users. They want safe payments and quick deposits and withdrawals. Gen Z enjoys innovative payment solutions such as contactless payments. Cryptocurrency is also becoming more acceptable as a means of payment in online casinos.