Meet the Iconic Couple from the Woodstock Album Co – Tymoff

meet the iconic couple from the woodstock album co - tymoff

meet the iconic couple from the woodstock album co - tymoff


In the records of music, sure moments and activities have grow to be mythical, taking pictures the essence of an era. Woodstock, the enduring song pageant that came about in 1969, is one such occasion. The Woodstock album cover, offering a pair wrapped in a blanket, has come to be an enduring image of peace, love, and counterculture. In this weblog placed up, we will delve into the story inside the back of this iconic couple and their connection to the Woodstock album cover.

The Woodstock Album Cover

The Woodstock album, officially titled “Woodstock: Music from the Original Soundtrack and More,” was launched in 1970. “The cowl of the album skills a photograph taken via Burk Uzzle, a famend American photographer. The picture captures a couple embracing each other, wrapped in a blanket, in opposition to the backdrop of a sea of human beings at the Woodstock pageant.

Meet Co and Tymoff

The couple within the photograph are Nick Ercoline and Bobbi Kelly, who had been courting on the time of Woodstock. They attended the competition together, and their impromptu look on the album cowl has made them for all time synonymous with the spirit of Woodstock.

Nick Ercoline, additionally referred to as “Co,” became born in 1946 in New York. He changed into a wood worker and a musician, playing the bass guitar in a band referred to as “The Rusty Pipes.” Bobbi Kelly, also called “Tymoff,” turned into born in 1945 in New Jersey. She labored as a secretary and had a ardour for music.

The Woodstock Experience

For Nick and Bobbi, attending Woodstock become a transformative enjoy. They have been a number of the envisioned four hundred,000 individuals who flocked to Max Yasgur’s farm in Bethel, New York, for three days of tune, peace, and love. The pageant became a image of the counterculture movement, advocating for peace, team spirit, and social alternate.

Nick and Bobbi immersed themselves in the Woodstock revel in, tenting out, sharing meals, and connecting with fellow pageant-goers. They fully embraced the spirit of the occasion and became a part of the collective energy that permeated the pageant grounds.

The Iconic Photograph

On the second day of the pageant, Nick and Bobbi discovered themselves in the proper place on the proper time. Burk Uzzle, the photographer, captured the moment once they wrapped themselves in a blanket to shield against the rain. Little did they know that this candid moment would all the time be etched in records.

The photograph represents the essence of Woodstock – the sense of togetherness, love, and the shared experience of an entire technology. It has become a long-lasting symbol of the counterculture motion and a testament to the electricity of music to unite people.

Life After Woodstock

After the competition, Nick and Bobbi returned to their everyday lives, but their connection to Woodstock remained. They were given married in 1971 and continued to embody the beliefs of peace and love in their personal lives. They raised a circle of relatives and pursued their passions, constantly cherishing the memories of that fateful weekend in 1969.

The Legacy

The Woodstock album cover providing Nick and Bobbi has emerge as an iconic photograph, representing the spirit of a whole era. It has been reproduced infinite times, acting on posters, t-shirts, and different merchandise. The photograph continues to inspire and evoke the nostalgia of a time when track and the pursuit of a better world were intertwined.

Today, Nick and Bobbi are respected as symbols of the Woodstock era. They have embraced their function in history and have participated in numerous occasions commemorating the competition. Their tale serves as a reminder of the energy of music, love, and harmony to transcend time and leave an indelible mark on the arena.


The Woodstock album cowl offering Nick and Bobbi, the iconic couple wrapped in a blanket, is a symbol of an generation that keeps to captivate the creativeness of music fanatics and cultural enthusiasts. Their tale represents the spirit of Woodstock – a party of peace, love, and counterculture. Their photo will all the time be etched in history, reminding us of the strength of tune to unite and inspire.