The Pinnacle of CBD Quality: Canada’s Top Oils  

With the growing popularity of CBD oil in recent years, Canada has emerged as a leader in producing high quality CBD products. From hemp cultivation to extraction methods.Canadian CBD companies are setting the bar for purity safety and effectiveness. For consumers looking for the best CBD oils, Canada provides some of the premier options on the market. In this article we will explore some of Canada’s top CBD oil brands and products and what makes them stand out.

When searching for quality CBD oil, one of the most important factors is the source.The best CBD oils use hemp grown locally in Canada without the use of pesticides or other chemicals.Two great examples of Canadian CBD oil companies using locally-sourced organic hemp are Zenbliss and Sante Cannabis. Zenbliss’s organic hemp is grown in British Columbia allowing for complete control over the growing conditions. Sante Cannabis sources their hemp from Canadian farmers who use natural sustainable practices without pesticides or herbicides. The clean local farming of the hemp helps these companies produce CBD oil with exceptional quality from start to finish.

The method of extracting and processing the CBD oil is also key for maintaining purity and potency. Many of Canada’s top CBD oil brands use CO2 extraction which is considered the gold standard for safely obtaining CBD from the hemp plant. This method preserves the broad spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes and other beneficial compounds in the hemp delivering a complete CBD oil with the “entourage effect” of combined compounds.Canadian companies like Zenbliss and Sante Cannabis pride themselves on their CO2 extraction to provide the highest quality CBD oils.

When it comes to ingredients the best CBD oils keep it simple. Zenbliss’s organic CBD oil contains just two all-natural ingredients-organic hemp CO2 extract and organic MCT (medium chain triglyceride) coconut oil. MCT oil helps absorption and provides optimal bioavailability of the CBD, while organic hemp extract delivers a potent dose of cannabidiol (CBD) along with other cannabinoids and terpenes naturally found in hemp. This simple pure formula exemplifies what makes Zenbliss’s CBD oil so exceptional.

Sante Cannabis takes a similar approach with their Harmonic Hemp Complete CBD oil, using just full-spectrum hemp extract and organic hemp seed oil as a carrier. With CBD levels from 500mg up to 1200mg, these oils pack a powerful CBD punch. Sante also shares third-party lab tests to verify their purity and potency. Simple organic ingredients make these oils a top choice for quality CBD.

When searching for the highest quality CBD oil, full-spectrum hemp extracts are generally superior. Full-spectrum oils retain the full cannabinoid and terpene profiles of hemp creating the coveted “entourage effect” for enhanced benefits. This is in contrast to CBD isolates, which contain only isolated CBD with other hemp compounds removed. Both Zenbliss and Sante Cannabis prioritize full-spectrum CBD oils for complete hemp profiles. 

However, some consumers may prefer a CBD isolate for zero THC content. THC is the psychoactive compound in cannabis responsible for the “high” effect, which CBD does not cause. Still some users want to avoid even trace amounts of THC making CBD isolates a good option. For the purest CBD experience. Zenbliss’s CBD isolate oil delivers 99%+ pure CBD while still derived from organic hemp.

When looking at potency and price.CBD oil buyers have several factors to consider. Higher potency CBD oils (30mg/mL or greater) tend to provide the most robust benefits, but are priced accordingly. Sante’s 30:1 Harmonic Hemp Complete CBD oil packs a punch at 30mg/mL for advanced CBD relief, yet comes with a higher price tag. For more budget-friendly options, lower potency oils (15mg/mL or less) like Zenbliss’s 15:1 CBD oil offer an affordable entry point. Oils are also available in a range of bottle sizes and milligram total amounts, so buyers can choose the potency and volume to suit their needs and budget.

Two other top contenders rounding out Canada’s finest CBD oils are Aurora and HEXO, two of the country’s largest licensed cannabis producers. Aurora’s CBD drops use CO2 extraction on EU GMP-certified hemp, and are third-party tested for pesticides, heavy metals and terpenes. Their “Decarb” CBD oil has undergone a process to activate more CBD and increase its bioavailability. HEXO offers a similar Decarb CBD oil, using CO2 extraction and activated CBD for enhanced effects. Both companies oversee production from seed to bottle to ensure the highest standards.

When seeking out quality CBD products. Canada’s stringently regulated process sets their CBD companies apart. The legal cannabis industry follows strict safety and testing guidelines, meaning CBD oils sold through licensed producers can be trusted. Third-party lab tests verify purity and potency, while meticulous monitoring from seed through manufacturing ensures consistency. This gives Canada an advantage for producing what many consider to be the best CBD oils available today. 

With the recent surge in popularity of CBD for health and wellness, Canadian CBD oil producers lead the way in quality. Companies like Zenbliss, Sante Cannabis, Aurora and HEXO exemplify the pinnacle for sourcing, extracting and formulating CBD oils. They set the bar high for organic hemp sourcing, clean CO2 extraction, full-spectrum profiles, purity, safety and effective delivery of cannabinoids like CBD. For consumers seeking the top-shelf experience of CBD, Canada’s finest oils deliver excellence. When only the best CBD oil will do, turn North to discover Canada’s gold standard for quality CBD.