These Round Rugs Will Give Your Living Room An Instant Refresh

Rugs are the easiest way to liven up your space. If you are bored with the usual rectangular ones, the newest rage is round rugs that will definitely become a statement piece for your place. 

Here are some of the best kinds of round rugs that will make your living area more homely, warm, and comforting. 

1. Tribal designs

These are the ideal choice if you are trying to go for boho rugs that will add a rustic charm to your space. The symmetrical prints and the color, along with the finish, will be comfortable, and you can turn the place into a seating area with a good coffee table. 

Some of the most popular colors in boho rugs include beige, black, brown, ivory, white, deep green, and other such earthy tones.

If you want to add some pop of color, you can pick something with a nice splash of color, such as purple, orange, coral, yellow, and other primary colors. 

The fabric of boho rugs can be anything from cotton to wool to jute. The good thing about woolen round rugs is that you can use them in winter to trap heat inside and keep the room warmer than usual. They are also thick, so you can use it to sit as well. It is safe for children as well, as they won’t trip over the rug. 

2. Printed designs

If you are someone with modern, eclectic sensibilities, you can go for patterned round rugs. Some popular patterns include animal prints, symmetrical patterns, florals, splashes of colors, etc. Trust us; people will definitely notice it and compliment you on such designer pieces. 

3. Minimal

These are good if you have a colorful interior or you want to add some color-blocking. You can choose bright colors like orange, pink, purple, or red, or go for softer colors like cream, brown or black even. 

3. Traditional patterns

Distressed round rugs are also another good example if you are into boho rugs. They are mostly made with wool or jute, which are some of the most durable fabrics. These round rugs have a distressed print with traditional patterns on them. There is a washed-out effect that makes them look rustic.

These are for the minimalist in you. If you are somebody who likes soft, earth tones or likes a combination of white and black along with grays, there are multiple round rugs that will suit your taste. 

These can still stand out as a statement piece while blending in with your room, as they will have a raised texture, along with very fine detailing. They will speak of its worth in the way it fits in your home and with the comfort they bring with them. 

How to style round rugs in your living room 

If you have chosen a design and are now looking for ways to style it, we have some tips that will help you. 

Create a look that is in-sync

What we mean by this is that you can pair up your round rugs with round mirrors or a round table to add layers to your room while making the shape a part of the interior as well.

If you are choosing boho rugs, then you can go ahead with picking a color and styling your living room based on it. For instance, if you choose ivory, you can buy matching furniture, mirrors, frames, etc. If you choose brown, you can play with different shades of brown. 

Be tasteful

When you are picking round rugs, make sure you are not cluttering your space with other statement pieces. Make it all align. Sometimes, minimalism is the way to go. Create a base, and then start adding things on top of it. A good round rug would be the way to go, and then you can add a table, a lamp, and similar accessories. 

Round rugs can help elevate your room

A round rug in the middle can add a look of symmetry. If you place it in a corner, you can turn that corner into a semi closed-off space where you can create a look different from everywhere else. It is all about placing and how you choose to style it. 

Round rugs, be they boho rugs or any kind, are more inviting than other designs. A round rug will make you want to sit in a circle and have conversations. They will define your room clearly, and also add to the mix. If you place your furniture accordingly and create a place that is a clear indication of you, you will be able to enjoy a more cozy time, be it by yourself or with friends. 

So, if you have been looking to add a new element to your living room, opt for one of the best round rugs at Miss Amara. We have a collection that speaks for itself in terms of design, quality, and making.